Feed Additives - Vemo 99

Effect of the application of VemoHerb T on the reproductivity of broiler breeders

In Bulgaria, there is a great variety and richness of high quality, valuable and unique medicinal plants. Annually over 300 species are being collected and used. Thanks to the rich pool of native species, favourable climatic and soil conditions Bulgarian herbs are distinguished with the high quantity and quality of their biologically active substances. For centuries, knowledge about the beneficial properties of medicinal plants has been accumulated in our country, and in the recent decades new opportunities were opened to use much more scientific criteria for their evaluation.

VemoHerb T is composed of dry extracts of specially selected and scientifically justified combination of Bulgarian remedial plants, manufactured by "Vemo 99" Ltd., Sofia, Bulgaria. The product contains saponins, sterols, flavonoids, tannins, polyphenols and others It is added to compound feed for poultry in doses of 250 g/t feed.

Addition of VemoHerb T to the compound feed of broiler parents leads to the following effects:

-        increased fertility of eggs;

-        increased hatchability of the eggs during the incubation period

-        decreased percentage of the unfertilized eggs;

-        stimulated production of testosterone and fertile gem cells