Feed Additives - Vemo 99

Effect of VemoZyme M addition to broilers’ compound feed

The trial was conducted in order to evaluate the effect of VemoZyme M application to combined feed of poultry. VemoZyme M is an enzyme feed additive, manufactured by Vemo 99 Ltd., Bulgaria, with main enzyme activity of β-mannanase, and additional side activities of xylanase, β-glucanase, cellulase, amylase, etc.

The trial was conducted with 240 male broilers of the breed Ross 308, divided in 4 groups, with 6 repeats and 10 chickens in each. The first group serves as a Control Group, and receives starter, grower and finisher feed, based on corn, wheat, soybean and sunflower meal, in accordance to the recommendations for the breed. The second group serves as a Negative Control, and receives the same compound feed, but with 5% decreased levels of metabolizable energy. The third group (Experimental Group) receives the same feed as the Negative Control, but with the addition of VemoZyme M, while the fourth group has the addition of a similar product, also based on mannanase.

There are situations, where the price of fats or oils is too high, or the raw materials are present in insufficient amounts, so the feeds with high fat content are money-consuming. In that regard, it is crucial to test weather products based on β-mannanase can compensate for this deficiency.

The reduced metabolizable energy by 5% in broilers’ compound feed leads to significantly lower live weight at the end of the grower period by 13.2%, compared to the Control Group. This tendency is also observed at the end of the trial (at 42 days of age), even though the percentage is lower. Analogical results are observed in terms of FCR. The broilers from the Second Group have statistically significant higher FCR by 5.4%, compared to the Control.

The data from the trial also shows that the addition of the tested product – VemoZyme M, leads to better growth and performance of the broilers from the Experimental Group, compared to the Negative Control. The results for these parameters are practically equal to the ones for the Control Group.

These results confirm the claims of different authors, that β-mannanase is energy-saving feed additive, and is recommended for broilers’ feeds based on corn and soybean meal, with reduced content of metabolizable energy.

The results from this trial allow us to recommend the addition of the feed additive VemoZyme M to broilers’ diets based on soybean meal, and with 5% reduced metabolizable energy levels, compared to the recommended for the breed.