Feed Additives - Vemo 99

The effect of the addition of VemoZyme P to the compound feeds for broiler chickens

In the last decades, a lot of studies have been conducted in relation to the use of exogenous enzymes in birds feeding. The effect of using NSP-enzymes and Phytase has been proven in a very convincing way. Nowadays, scientific researches have been redirected to ptotease. The arguments for that are very solid. The material costs of the feed for broilers have increased, as well as the price of soybean meal, which is a major source of protein in the blends for poultry. This requires seeking of new opportunities for reducing the content of soybean meal in the feeding of birds by compensating with better digestibility. In the past it was thought that birds produce enough protease for the digestion and the absorption of the protein ratio. However, there is recent data on the mechanism of their action and the need for protease has increased. The obtained results have been influenced by various factors such as the type of protease (acid, alkaline, neutral), its activity and dose, composition of the compound feed to which it was added (are other exogenous enzymes involved), age of birds, etc.

Protease enzyme supplement VemoZyme P of "VEMO 99" Ltd., Bulgaria is a stable, broad-spectrum protease, optimized to work efficiently in the animal’s digestive system.

The addition of VemoZyme P in doses of 250 g/t feed in broiler chickens leads to the following effects:

  • The addition of 250 g/t feed from the protease product VemoZyme P to the compound feeds with a reduced level of crude protein, respectively amino acids, helps to reliably increase the live weight, equal to the control group;
  • The addition of exogenous protease product VemoZyme P to compound feed with a reduced level of protein, respectively amino acids, conducive to achieving practically the same conversion of feed to birds fed with a standard feed mixture;
  • The addition of VemoZyme P to the compound feed in broiler chickens with a 5% reduced level of crude protein is cost effective.