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Herbal extracts show extraordinary results over the health of bee hives

Why that news is so important?

Not only because of the economical effect but also because of the problems the bees have been experiencing recently. The bees population rapidly decrease. Phenomena such as "Mass death of bees", Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), honey bee depopulation syndrome (HBDS) have been observed all over the world. Through the years various names of diseases have been given to that phenomenon: disappearing disease, spring dwindle, May disease, autumn collapse, and fall dwindle disease... But what has been happening since the winter of 2006 and is currently going on now is observed for the first time in the human history: Millions of bee hives have died. 

World Save Bee Fund (WSBF) warns very seriously that each year the bee colonies in the U.S. decline extremely rapidly. British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and similar associations in other countries claims the same.

Why are the bees so important?

Because of the pollination. Their role in the pollination is of utmost importance. About 1/3 of the resources that people use depends on it. Bees carry about 90% of that job. The cultivation of agricultural crops, apples, citrus, onions, peppers, zucchini, beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, melons, coffee, cocoa and more and more depends on the bee pollination. 
If the bees disappear, mankind will disappear. That is a fact. 

According to beekeepers, bees fly from their hives and never return. Тhe reasons are yet to be confirmed. One is clear: Colony collapse is of huge economically significance because many agricultural crops worldwide are pollinated by bees.

What may be a possible cure comes from the nature!

Reduction of bees worldwide is a fact that it is not negligible. That's why the discovery of the Bulgarian scientist Ivaylo Hristakov is so interesting and important. He developed his Dissertation for awarding educational and scientific degree "Doctor" on theme of "The effect of specific herbal extracts over the development and productivity of bees" in the Agricultural Faculty at the Trakia University, Bulgaria. Later, he presented his report at the Bulgarian National Association of the professional beekeepers. The presented results were so astonishing, that VEMO 99 decided to develop and improve further the extracts combination into one very effective product – VemoHerb® BEES.

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The extracts used in these reports are manufactured by the unique technology of company Vemo 99 Ltd. Based on these trials the company developed and improved furthermore the newest product of the VemoHerb® series - VemoHerb® BEES.

The tests performed on bees show that the stimulative feeding of the bee colonies with inverted sugar syrup with the addition of  VemoHerb® BEES at a dosage of 10mg/kg bees, shows extremely good results on the laying activity of the queen bees as well as on the productivity, activity and stability of the hive as a whole.

The reported higher percentage of bees that survived through the winter in the colonies, nurtured by VemoHerb® BEES, is an indicator of normal development and sustainability in their worst (winter) period of life.  And the increased activity of laying queens tends to strengthen the beehives.

The study shows that stimulative feeding of bee families with VemoHerb® BEES leads to the development of strong families that utilize in the best possible way the available pollen.

The application of VemoHerb® BEES shows significantly more positive effect on the strength, activity, productivity and sustainability of colonies compared to other stimulators present on the market.

Taking in consideration on one hand the better development of colonies (greater amount of raised brood and available bees) and higher honey productivity, and on the other hand the low cost of VemoHerb® BEES, proves the efficiency of its use to increase the productivity of bee hives and to stimulate the laying activity of queen bees. It is also essential to note the natural origin of the product, which main ingredients are biologically active plant extracts, thus differentiating it from alternative synthetic drugs on the market.

VemoHerb® BEES is an innovative product based on homogeneous mixture of plant extracts. The General physiological action of the product is determined by the high content of biologically active substances: furostanol saponins, flavonoids (apigenin, rutin, kepferol), aromatic ketones, coumarins and polyphenols.

The beekeepers and the whole world population should start caring more for the bees and their health. Otherwise we may face a fatal reduction of many species of plants and animals that will have catastrophic results for the habitants of planet Earth.