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EU Pig Prices: Steady Quotations – Prices are Moving Sideward

EU - This current week of slaughter, the European pig slaughter market goes on stabilising. A great majority of quotations continue to move sideward, even though many market participants’ focus was on Germany and the steadiness of its leading quotation.

International Summit Highlights the Value Chain of Phytate Destruction and the Role it Plays in Precision Nutrition

GLOBAL - The opening of the 3rd International Phytate Summit (IPS3) yesterday in Florida, USA, saw nutrition experts from around the world discuss the latest research on phytate and its multi-factorial impact on animal production.

PIC Pork Quality Programme: A Quarter of Century of Progress

GLOBAL - PIC’s focus for the past 25 years has been on genetically improving and environmentally optimising factors impacting pork quality. Its goal has been to design, implement, and continuously improve a “Robust Breeding for Pork Quality” program, focusing on meeting the needs of the entire pork supply chain (pork producers and processors, wholesalers, retailers, the food service industry and the global export markets), while ultimately fulfilling the needs of the end-user, the global consumer.

September US Meat Exports Above Previous Year

US - USDA’s Economic Research Service posted their September summarisation of international trade for the livestock and poultry sectors, writes the Steiner Consulting Group.

Vaccines Offer Potential to Reduce Antibiotic Use on Pig Farms

CANADA - A Professor with the University of Saskatchewan says vaccines have an important role to play in helping reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock production, writes Bruce Cochrane.