Feed Additives - Vemo 99

Еffect of VemoZyme supplementation in compound feeds with high fiber content on carcass characteristics of fattening pigs


Z. Nakev, R. Nedeva, J. Marchev, E. Gineva*, N. Palova**

Agricultural Institute – Shumen

*Еxperimental station of agriculture – Jambol

**Еxperimental station of agriculture – Sredets

There are number of studies that include possibilities of using alternative sources in pig nutrition in the recent years. They present feed rich in crude fiber, which is still in limited use.

Studies by Valchev, 1996; Valchev and Van Beek, 1999; Fortin et al., 2003; Bekker et al., 1998; Swiatkiewicz et al., 2013 show that the addition of enzyme-based products in the compound feed, with high fiber content, improve the growth and utilization of feed and nutrients. Flis et al. (2005) report that the addition of 97% peeled oats and β-glucanase to the feed in growing pigs, the energy digestibility is improved.

The aim of study was to determine the influence of VEMOZYME supplementation in compound feeds with high fiber content oncarcass characteristics of fattening pigs.

In the Agricultural Institute, Shumen was carried out a scientific and economic experiment total with 20 fattening pigs from Danube White Breed, divided into 2 groups, in 10 pigs in group. The experiment started at 34.0-35.0 kg live weight and finished at 107.7-108.6 kg live weight. The experiment was carried out in two period – the first from 34.0-35.0 kg live weight to 57.5-58.9 live weight and the second - from 57.5-58.9 kg till 107.7-108.6 kg live weight.

It was established that including the VEMOZYME in compound feeds (with 6.1 %-6.6 % crude fiber, resp. in first and second period) for fattening pigs from Danube White breed in 0.1 % and 0.05% did not influence on slaughter indexes of carcass and chemical composition and quality of m.long.dorsi.

The addition of enzyme-based products (VEMOZYME) to pig fattening systems makes it possible to successfully use alternative feed with a higher fibre content without negative effect on carcass characteristics and meat quality.